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Melanie, not sure if you remember me but you helped me purchase my ticket to Manila when my father passed away and we needed tickets immediately. I know this is not much but pang-kape lang. A thank you for your patience and great customer service for a difficult time for my family. Enjoy! Very much appreciated. Thanks Again!
Amie Sinfuego
Thanks Connie for putting all the pictures of the different places we went in Cebu. Beautifully taken and arranged. I really enjoyed our pilgrimage and of course the company. You did an excellent planning including our tour guides in Cebu and Bohol. I also thank Fr. Suarez. God bless us all.
Freda Sumalangcay
Ms. Connie has taken care of us from day one that we've put down our deposit to the last day of our trip when we departed our separate ways at SeaTac Airport! I highly recommend booking your trips with her. We had also taken the 2014 Holy Land Pilgrimage trip with her and Frs Suarez and Jeff. If you ever get an opportunity, DO IT. It is something special going to the Holy Land to find oneself. But there is an incredible transformation, when you are in the company of Fr. Suarez!
Alma McFarland
We had 3 free days in Manila, set aside for visiting friends and family - we did not have family that lived in Manila so Ms. Connie had made an optional trip to Palawan. She even took the time out to accompany us when she could have stayed in Manila. Now that is called a caring tour agent! Our 5 day side trip to South Korea, was also top rated! We had a personal guide in S. Korea that also gave us the time of our life and even brought us to his church when we were trying to figure out how we'd find a Catholic church for Ash Wednesday! Overall, this trip was top-rated!
Alma McFarland
Ms. Connie has done an excellent job in making this trip to the Philippines a memorable one for my parents and I. The churches and the history we have seen in Cebu, Bohol, and Batangas were amazing! Our medical mission work on Ilin Island to help the poorest of the poor, to be able to actually help and do something and see what Fr. Suarez Missionaries Mary Mother of the Poor foundation is doing was definitely the highlight of 'my' trip. To be able to give and work as the Lord's servant, put a smile on my face every day we were there! I cannot wait to go back (God willing!)
Alma McFarland
It was a great trip!
Arnel Gando
Overall, congratulations for a job well done! Thank you so much! Blessings always! You are great!
Fr. Felino Paulino
Overall, the trip was a great experience. Thank you very much to Connie and Art for making sure everyone is being taken cared of. Hoping I can join your future pilgrimage
Maria Ladlad
Overall pilgrimage was great and I really enjoyed idea of flocks so everyone has chance to participate. Loved extra stops for mass at John Vianny church and old church on way to Lourdes
Nancy Koch
June 2 2014 The pilgrimage was amazing and I loved and valued it every moment. Cannot wait for next year
Arlene Warnke
I want to extend my appreciation to one your agent/ staff Grace ... I have to let her change my iterinary several times because of the expired passport and in need to be home to attend my mothers funeral. She was so patient. Hoping you have to keep her forever because she is so nice and helpful. More power to Bayani Travel
Isabel Forbes
Thank you for your assistance, especially Hernanie
Catherine Quetzal Valenzuela
Thank you for assisting me to my travel needs keep it up!, GRACE Thank you for your immediate attention! God bless MORE to Bayani Travel!
Conrad Fernandez
I pray for more blessings to Bayani Travel , Hernanie thank you !
Thank you Bayani Travel especially Rechel our agent who assisted us in our travel needs she is very amazingly efficient
Rufino Ignacio
We had 12 hours of sleep so we're good na uli ;) Thanks for accommodating us. This is our best tour ever!!! Hope to see you all next year for the next pilgrimage with Fr. Suarez, God's willing!
Luna Vicky
They we're very accommodating, it was never a hard task booking with them
Thank you for being so easy to work with and meeting all my travel needs!
Nancy Koch
My parents and I have really enjoyed our Holy Land Pilgrimage with Fr. Suarez, as well as the ease of booking with our agent, Connie, from Bayani Travel International. If you were thinking/wanting to go to a pilgrimage to the sites mentioned above, I highly recommend going with Fr Suarez as he is very charismatic person. My sisters are now excited to visit the Holy Land and will only do a pilgrimage with Fr Suarez after hearing our experience. It is well worth the price of the trip! Not to mention the new friends you get to meet and bond with
Alma Mcfarland
I want to thank both of you for an unforgetable lifetime experience, memories and new friends. Not to mention the special privilege of having Fr. Suarez, Fr. Felino & Fr. Jeff. I will continue to pray for all and may we have the chance to join again. God bless!